About Liberty Distributors

Liberty Distributors is an importing and wholesaling company specialising in beauty products. Based in Sydney Australia, Liberty has been in operation for over 25 years. Because we specialise in beauty products, we are able to stock a diverse variety at very competitive prices. We aim to stay abreast of current trends in the cosmetic industry and even develop our own best selling lines.

Liberty Distributors specialise in cosmetic imports. Liberty also imports perfumes, face and body creams, body sprays, air fresheners, cosmetic consumables, soaps, and accessories.

Liberty Distributors are the agents for a number of cosmetic manufacturers.

These include: L.A. Colors, L.A Girl, Adoro, NYX Pencils, Fennel, DC Fragrances, Flowershop and Tusk. 
Many of these companies have been in the Australian market for many years allowing brand recognition and customer confidence in the quality of the products.